Welcome to SideShare Beta, servicing the Philadelphia Area - we look forward to hearing about your tool rental experience! If we don’t have the tools you need for your project, we want to know. Just email justin@sideshare.com.

About Us

SideShare was born from our founder, Justin Claffey, purchasing his first home, and that home being cozy (aka small).  He and his wife love their cozy home, and Justin loves to do Do-It-Yourself (DIY) work on said home.  What Justin soon came to realize was his cozy home had minimal storage space, therefore, everything in said space needed to be absolutely necessary.

Are tools for DIY work absolutely necessary to store? SideShare doesn't believe they are, as most of the time, these tools are used once or twice a year, and the rest of the year just collect dust and take up storage space.

Enter SideShare.  SideShare is looking to change this and instead give those who don't have the big garage, but storage in basements, etc., the option to rent these tools for reasonable costs to enable the DIYers in those small homes to do the jobs they want to get done with the correct tools, and not need to store them and take up precious storage space when that job is completed.

SideShare is making storage a perk, not a necessity!